3 card poker rules and the game ABCs

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3 card poker rules and the game ABCs

Three-card poker is a rather young game that was created in 1994. However, simple 3 card poker rules brought it wide popularity. Naturally, its fame cannot be compared with the trump of TX Hold’em or Omaha, but the game has a big army of fans living in different corners of the world.

3 card poker rules in Las Vegas Casino

New 3 card poker rules in casino Las Vegas add excitement and fun into the gaming process. The gamer gets 2 variants to win:

  1. If he has better cards than the croupier;
  2. If he has the best cards (Queen is the highest one).

The game sense lies in its name: the player’s task is to create a winning 3-cards hand. The winnings depend only on luck, no special mathematical calculations are needed, but one can bluff.


The meaningful combinations here are:

  • Straight Flush;
  • Three of a Kind;
  • Straight (according to 3 card poker rules, 3-2-A is usually the junior Straight);
  • Flush;
  • A Pair.
3 card poker rules in Las Vegas Casino

The combinations are listed by seniority. The non-standard hierarchy is explained by the fact that the probability of getting them with three cards in hand is different from a 5-card deal, as in classic poker.

How to play 3 card poker — basics

The question on how to remember 3 card poker game rules and master this game has an answer: combine the theory with practice. Many online casinos let their registered users play poker with three cards in a demo mode or with a no deposit bonus.

The game basics is as follows:

  1. Make an Ante bet. After that, the player will receive 3 cards. The dealer distributes them face-up. Nobody replaces the card.
  2. After evaluating cards, the gamer makes a decision — to pass or make a Bet. In the first case, he loses the initial bet. In the second, he needs to bet an amount equal to the Ante.
  3. If a gambler didn’t Fold, but made Bet, the dealer moves. If he failed to get a combination or at least a card higher than a Queen, (no game), then for Ante the player gets a payout of 1: 1. If the dealer is in the game, the participant loses his bets.

There is an Ante prize payout for the lucky ones with the best combinations. They get 4: 1 for Straight Flush, 3: 1 for 3 of a Kind. These prizes are independent of the dealer’s results and are guaranteed to be paid in any case. There is no bonus payout for Bet.

If a draw situation happens, the player’s Ante bet is paid according to the 3 card poker rules and the payment special table.

Pair Plus

This is a separate bet that the player can make with Ante or even instead. There is a circle above the Ante box, the chips must be placed there. Usually the size range of Pair-plus and Ante at the gaming table is the same.

The gambler risks losing Pair Plus if he gets a bad combination or refuses to raise Ante (with a significant hand). In other cases, the additional bet will be paid, no matter what cards the croupier receives.


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