Poker Slot game rules

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Poker Slot game rules

Slot machine Poker Slot – 21-line 4-reel slot machine. Each of the drums rotates independently of the others. In addition, the Poker Slot machine does not have any program and all combinations are generated absolutely randomly.
The symbols in this slot machine are playing cards from a deck of 53 sheets, ranging from deuce to ace, also including one joker. Thus, each reel of the Poker Slot contains 53 symbols, which are randomly distributed over the reel.

Play poker slot machine

To start playing, you must select the value of the bet per line: 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 points. The value of the bet can be changed by switching with the BET buttons. Then the player chooses the number of lines: 1, 5, 10, 15 or 21. The number of lines can be changed by toggling the LINES buttons. After pressing the SPIN button, the reels start to spin. You can also use the AUTO key. If the AUTO button is active, the reels will start automatically and the game will be played along the selected lines. When certain winning combinations appear on the lines, the player receives a prize, the size of which is indicated in the paytable (PAY TABLE button).

Winnings are counted only for combinations that are formed by cards of the same rank, and the cards can also be on the reels that are not adjacent to each other.

The Joker symbol substitutes for any symbol, complementing any dropped card to a winning combination. If several winning combinations are formed on one line, the most expensive of them will be paid.

The jackpot in the slot machine Poker Slot drops out randomly and does not depend on the dropped combinations. At the moment of the Jackpot hit, you will see on the screen a large inscription about his winning. The jackpot can fall out to any player, at any time, even playing at the minimum bet.


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