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Double Down Casino Game Card

Casino table games are rightly seen the mastodons of gambling world. Such entertainments allow not only relying on personal luck, but to use various betting systems and strategies that is practically not possible, playing slots, e.g. More of this, the major part of table games has quite a small house edge that makes them more attractive amongst gamblers’ society. Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and many other types of games are a great cocktail of luck, knowledge, experience and strategies. Thus, such pastime not only brings excitement and adrenaline, but brain development, as well.

Well-liked variants of casino table games and the list of popular card games

It’s impossible to imagine an online casino without table games, like: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker, Baccarat, etc. But there’s a special niche that is filled with card games, as a part of online table entertainments. So, the most popular of them are listed below.

  • Blackjack. This is, definitely, one of the most popular casino table games thanks to the structure and interesting rules together with high winning chances. The main goal is to collect 21 points, or, at least, to get a better hand, than a dealer does.
  • Baccarat. This is a very simple card game with uncomplicated rules, where a gambler needs to collect 8 or 9 points to win the game.
  • Texas Hold’em Poker. This is, probably, the most popular card game in the online gambling industry. The aim is to get the winning 5-cards combination, using 2 pocket cards and 5 cards from the table.
  • Three-Card Poker. This is a “light-touch” variant of the game, where it’s necessary to collect a winning combination, using 3 dealt cards.
  • Omaha Poker. This variant of Poker is a kind of “upgraded version” of Texas Hold’em with four pocket cards, and 5 general cards, that allows collecting good combinations more often.

Of course, there are more other online casino card games to play to, especially if to consider the available varieties of Poker, but the above mentioned ones should be absolutely enough to be going on with to have a chance to immerse into the amazing world of gambling.

Casino table games odds to win for all types of the entertainments

Amongst the vast variety of exciting table games, the ones of the great request are those, which have the most attractive payouts. And the below given table contains the basic information about possible winning chances regarding the most popular types of table games. It’s necessary to notice that online casinos can have a bit different rates of the house edge.

The name of a table gameHouse edge’s value
BlackjackFrom 0.72 %
PontoonFrom 0.34 %
BaccaratFrom 1.06 %
French RouletteFrom 1.35 %
European RouletteFrom 2.7 %
American RouletteFrom 5.26 %
CrapsFrom 1.4 %
Pai Gow PokerFrom 2.5 %

Poker, being the most popular table game, can’t be specified with house edge, as the result depends not only on luck, but on knowledge and psychological skills, as well.

So, the fans of online casino table games have only one major thing to do, that is to find the best combination of interesting plot and high winning odds. And the existing set of available entertainments would hardly leave anybody without the best choice.


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